About Reachal

Clients working with Reachal are winning as a result and exploiting our services on a wider basis

Since Reachal’s inception in 2013 we have delivered winning solutions for six of the major UK defence contractors creating a business with a turnover in excess of £3M.

With decades of experience in the Team, Reachal is proudly managed and operated by top-level, highly experienced executives from within the Defence sector.

Our team have proven experience in managing large, complex programmes. We bring insight into differentiating campaigns, bids and programmes for clients looking to partner in the delivery of major Defence and wider Government programmes.

Our managed service solutions accelerate and improve your business results by maximising your investment in sales, supply chain management and programme delivery. Your people continue to use the applications they are comfortable with in doing their work. We take their output and translate this in our proprietary applications, using best practice approaches, to provide senior mangers with an accurate joined up view of what’s going on.

For our clients, bid/no-bid and programme critical decisions need to be made on an informed basis, in near real time. Our approach means we can leverage information quickly to provide the knowledge that assures decisions in an increasingly regulated environment.

Knowledge is more powerful when shared so our applications are user centric and intuitive so that teams collaborate by default making best use of information as a shared asset with a common truth.

Reachal has unique methodologies and applications that remove complexity in governing and reporting tangible benefits that accrue from plans and expenditure. We can model change scenarios accurately in minutes showing the effect on schedules, dependencies, benefits and return on investment. This enables “What if” scenario planning” to inform agile and effective decision support for business leaders.

When opportunities and challenges are collectively understood everyone profits. We accelerate collective rate of understanding so that better and more timely decisions can be made – on an informed basis.
Better, informed, earlier decisions dramatically reduce change cycles and allow a far greater collective ability to act. Avoiding delays in taking effective action dramatically lowers marching army and associated costs of indecision.
Our applications are domain content rich and developed with accepted best practice methods and associated compliance standards in mind. Our services therefore assure that training is employed and standards are met – by default

Reachal Managed Services

Win Business

Engage a team that is proven in winning crucial Defence deals with an 80% win rate. Our people will mobilise insightful content rich, capture plans within hours. We reduce the risk of transition to delivery by embedding a methodology that provides a direct path to through-life capability management. Our clients are APMP and Shipley compliant by default – assured by WinDeck™.

Complex Stakeholder Management

We facilitate better co-ordinated engagements to maximise influence, reduce reputational risk and significantly lower costs. Our people provide insight, rigour and expertise in managing diverse and complex stakeholder environments. PeopleScape™ is pre-populated with what you need to know about current Defence people and communities, we cross check this with your own data, providing a richer picture.

Delivery Assurance

With Reachal, PMOs are better organised, more agile and operate at lower cost. Our ability to assimilate, integrate and visualise your programme data drives a faster collective understanding leading to better decisions and ability to move at pace. DeliveryScape™ enables collaborative working across dispersed teams and wires your plans to dashboards for real-time reporting, removing the manual burden.

Supply Chain Leadership

We assist companies in establishing a reputation as the Prime System Integrator of choice for both Government Departments and the supply chain. As an independent assurance partner we evidence transparent and fair interactions that provide enduring confidence to all parties. SupplyScape™ provides a comprehensive collaboration space for sharing real-time acquisition data and information.

We would rather show you what we can do; let us take your programme specific information (under NDA) and demonstrate our services in a password protected demonstration environment.