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​WinDeck - Intelligent Proposal Management

WinDeck increases bid to win ratios and cuts the cost of capture by integrating performance, cost and time analysis across multi-billion pound portfolios. WinDeck is a simple, innovative and agile web based tool that provides clarity necessary to make informed decisions and trades to assure the successful capture of a complex opportunity or management of a portfolio of "Must Win" deals.

WinDeck can be mobilised in days before or during capture / bid and is easy for busy teams to use  throughout the sales process to sequence activities, forecast and plan costs and mitigate issues by seeing the risks early.

Windeck benefits the team and the business by delivering:

  1. A more agile mobilisation of capture / bids using proven templates and pre-populated tools;
  2. A more economic, efficient capture plans that manage the sequence of activities;
  3. Simple views that make the relationships between activities, deliverables and win chance clear;
  4. A collaborative and easy means to share information and manage change instantly.

Bidscape allows everything to seen and discussed at a glance in real time.  Individuals can see exactly where their activities are placed in the bid landscape, increasing transparency, collaboration and awareness of dependencies.

WarRoom allows the capture lead to see a complete status of all activities and outputs from a cost and time perspective and the ability to set output quality predicated on internal / peer review or independent Shipley assessment.  The HomeScreen provides a dashboard summary that can be published to the portfolio view at the click of a button. Reports can be produced as easily if preferred to a real time view.

Work stream views allow simple updates and monitoring activities and inform the impact of changes on the rest of the team with a summary of time and cost implications when things change.  Changes reflect the impact on the plan, associated outputs and win probability – immediately.

WinDeck is designed by capture specialists and practitioners to make things easier for capture leads and provide the team with a common picture and ability to work together when the time is short and pressure is high.  Reachal can deploy easily and with minimal training because the software is intuitive and easy to use on the web. We can provide hosting in a standard configuration, through a highly secure hosting provider at IL3 or within your local environment.

WinDeck Services

Alongside WinDeck deployment and initial user training, the Reachal team can provide:

  1. Capture specialists trained in WinDeck as interim support;
  2. Project management support to modify / operate / oversee WinDeck;
  3. Experts to conduct audit, review or recovery activity;
  4. Tailoring of WinDeck for additional functionality;
  5. Enterprise level support (on-line or on-site) including a capture portfolio management.